Finally, truly affordable Green options to put you in CONTROL of your Power Needs and Costs that does not rely on the fluctuating cost of fuels, capital cost increases, increased taxes, the Sun, Wind or limitations of the Grid. AIP provides truly Renewable Green, innovative and affordable ways to cut costs by providing indoor and outdoor lighting that reduces power consumption by two thirds or more and overall cost of ownership, “Compact Solar PV” Mag-Drive Power Supply to provide renewable power for residential applications 12kW to 24kW and small to medium sized industrial and commercial applications 50kW to 250kW and the LN2G Power Generation Plant for onsite power generation for 300kW to 10MW and above requirements.

What Makes AIP different from the other Independent Power Providers is that it has a full array of products that it can sell, lease or set up with a ESA (Energy Service Agreement) to reduce power costs. In the case of the LN2G Power Plant the “Renewable Energy” provided is consistent (24/7), reliable and predictable which is different from that of (wind, solar, Geothermal, Biomass etc.) which is inconsistent, capital intensive with longer ROI’s.

AIP is utilizing the LN2G Power Plant developed by New Creation that:

▪ Makes the Decision Easier to Place Green “Renewable Energy” onsite

▪ Provides a minimum of 85% of Capacity Output 24/7/365 days per year

▪ Will substantially lower your power bill with one set monthly payment

▪ Requires Minimal onsite Space with less intrusive operational integration

▪ Requires minimal maintenance and Plant down time

▪ Makes “Renewable Energy” investments more Profitable, Reliable & Sustainable

▪ Can be prime power, baseload leveling etc. onsite distributed power


12kW “Compact Solar PV” Mag-Drive