For an Energy Service Cost Analysis for your location please call or use the form below.  AIP can put you in control of your specific Power Needs & Costs which will allow you to reduce or eliminate the need to rely on the Local Power Provider – passing on fluctuating cost of fuels, maintenance and capital cost increases, increased taxes, the Sun, Wind or limitations of the Grid.

AIP can make your Power Bill a Fixed Cost instead of a Variable for as long as you use AIP’s Energy Services!

Call 1-866-798-4481 to speak with an Energy Consultant or e-mail us with your request: (Keep it brief and simple.)

Step 1: E-mail us with your request and let us know:

Step 2: AIP will send you a Site Survey Questionnaire to help us further understand your power needs, requirements and get an idea of any limitations.

Step 3: AIP will review your current power requirements and futures needs and get back to you with a preliminary proposal.

Step 4: Making the Decision to place Sustainable Affordable Power Onsite is up to you?

Take advantage of this Exciting Opportunity for you to once and for all get CONTROL of your monthly Energy Bill Putting You in CHARGE not your Local Power Provider.

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