Using a specialized CREE chip and proprietary driver combination along with performance enhancing optics allows the LED to be driven at a far lower current than all competitors, which allows for higher life cycle (longer warranty), lower operating cost (lower operating wattage), equal or greater performance in PPFD. The HC-170 GLA has a significantly HIGHER coverage area than all other fixtures and therefore fewer are required to cover the same are in a Greenhouse application. 


· Fixture dimensions – (open) 36” x 72” – Folded – 36” x 36”
· Light weight
· Sliding hanging brackets for adapting to various ceilings or multi-level/vertical applications
· Simple less complex design for easier installation and grow area maintenance
· Lower heat emission (Operating temperature < 100 degrees F)
· Enhanced optics for better light spectrum control / distribution
· Higher average PPFD to Power ratio

(See Product Comparison below)

Pro 1700e
ENERGY170W 645W630W720W
COVERAGE36″x72” @ 36” Vertical height (4’x8’)
32 SF
60”x60” (5’x5’)
25 SF
60”x60” (5’x5’)
25 SF
60”x60” (5’x5’)
25 SF
PPFD AVG400 * (*w/optics)284269424
WARRANTY7 years5 years5 years3 years
COSTRetail $1499.00Retail $1299.00Retail $1500Retail $1499.00

Performance Comparison Formula
Comparing operating costs based on unit wattage, assumption of $.10/kWh flat utility rate and average number of hours per day in use (14 hrs./day estimated), and average stated coverage area per fixture in “square feet at 36” height.
This formula will compare actual operating costs among industry present Grow Lights against AIP brand HC-170 GLA fixture

Operating watts per unit * number of hours per day = Total watts per day per unit
Total watts per day per unit * quantity of Fixtures present = Total watts per day consumed
Total watts per day consumed * average number of days per month (30.5) = Total kWh/ month
Total kWh/month * utility rate (cost/kWh) = Total operating cost in dollars per month.

A customer has 12000 square feet of growing area requiring LED Grow Lights.
Using the coverage area for each Fixture Model, the quantity of fixtures required is determined.
AIP Model HC-170 GLA vs. Gavita Pro 1700e:
HC-170 GLA Unit Coverage area = 32 SF
Gavita Pro 1700e Unit Coverage area = 25 SF

12000 sf / 25 sf = 480 Fixtures
12000 sf / 32 sf = 375 Fixtures

NOTE: (Total number of Watts will be reduced to kWh in the formula)

170 Watts * 14 hrs. per day = 2380 watts per day
2380 watts per day * 375 fixtures = 892,500 watts per day
892,500 watts per day (892.5kWh) * 30.5 days = 27,221.25 kWh per month
27,221.25 kWh * $.10 / kWh = $2,722.12 per month (operating cost)

Gavita Pro 17000e
645 Watts * 14 hrs. per day = 9030 watts per day
9030 watts per day * 480 fixtures = 4,334,400 watts per day
4,334,400 watts per day (4,334.4 kWh) * 30.5 = 132,199.2 kWh per month
132,199.2 kWh per month * $.10 /kWh = $13,219.92 per month (operating cost)