AIP Solar Kits are a ready to go, out of the box, product made in the USA.  We are here to answer any additional questions the FAQs might not address.  To reach one of our engineers, please contact us.


Q. Is the AIP Solar Kit hard to set up?
A. No. All connectors are marked and color coded so nothing can be connected incorrectly.

Q. What parts can stay outside and what parts have to go inside?
A. Solar panels need to go outside, Batteries, Inverter, and Charge Controller need to be out of the weather.

Q. How can I tell the difference between this Kit and others online?
A. This KIT is complete. It has everything you need to make and use electric power as soon as it is set up. Almost all other KITs need either the Inverter (the part that turns DC power to AC power you can use) and/or the Batteries. Without batteries, you can only use power in the daytime. The Inverter changes the Solar Power from DC to AC. Without it, you can’t use any power you make.

Q. How can I tell the difference between your Kit and others?
A. Look at the numbers that identify how many watts the solar panels are, and how many Amp Hours (Ah) of battery storage there is. AIP SOLAR KITS have the most battery storage of all current kits. Up to 5x the amount. That means you can run appliances longer.

Q. Do I have to know anything about electricity to use the AIP Solar Kit?
A. No. Because everything in the instructions show where all connections are made, and the digital readout on the Charge Controller tells you what you have, all you need to do is follow easy to understand instructions, and in under and hour, anyone (without physical limitations) can set this up.