“Distributed Power Generation” ESA

The LN2G onsite “Distributed Power Generation” Energy Service Agreement allows your company to pay less for power for years to come while bearing no responsibility for the onsite power plant placed on the premises. Depending your Entity or Corporate Status, MINIMAL or NO CAPITAL INVESTMENT is required, and, we run it… The onsite power provisioning LN2G green alternative is for commercial/industrial host sites that require 300kW to 1-2- 3MW’s & up…

The AIP Energy Services Agreement (ESA) also known PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) offering complies with the local coop, utility and government regulations to provide clean onsite power generation which works in conjunction with and does not depend on local Utility and power regulations. The system placement to support the ESA includes site preparation, installation and plant costs. AIP will perform a utility cost analysis to determine actual monthly savings and long-term benefits. Variables included in the analysis are power costs, taxes, demand charges, operational efficiency, future expansion plans etc. The Decision to Provide Stable Long Term Affordable Green Power using a ESA Only Makes Sense to the Bottom Line.

LN2G Power Purchase Agreement

Bottom Line Benefits:

  • Targeted savings of 10% or greater, depending on rate structure and service area restrictions
  • Targeted Elimination of demand charges for maximum savings
  • Locked-in cost/kWh rate during ESA term
  • Control of energy costs today and 10 to 15 years or more into the future
  • No rate increases during term of the agreement based on “fuel costs increases,” higher taxes or maintenance costs
  • Flexibility to grow business without being subject to Utility rates increases
  • The ability to add equipment without the concern of additional demand charges if planned for and sized accordingly
  • Electric charges do not start until the plant is generating the contacted amount of power onsite for 48 hours

Operational System Benefits and Features

  • Provides continuous Power 24/7
  • Secure low noise Power Provisioning safe from terror attacks and EMP **
  • Configured to run specified site operations in case of a utility outage
  • Truly renewable Green alternative energy
  • Supports Corporate Climate Responsibility Goals and Sustainability Efforts
  • Non-Hazardous (No Combustible Materials required to power the Plant)
  • Small non-intrusive footprint (0.08 acres per MW)
  • Reliable power not subject to outages due to weather, rolling blackouts or brown out conditions
  • Onsite LN2G can be used to reduce equipment down time
  • Minimal onsite maintenance required due to sealed nitrogen atmosphere and related components
  • Power Plant equipment installed has 20 year or greater life cycle
  • Power Plant Performance does not diminish over time